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Electronic Shelf Label (White+Black)

Electronic Shelf Label (White+Black)

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 Electronic Shelf Label Paperless E-Ink Digital Price Tag (White+Black) Supermarket Wireless E-Paper Display Screen Electronic Shelf Label ESL 2.4G Gateway-AP Extender Retail Supermarket

  • Inventory Analysis

Dock with ERP system, analysis of inventory status.

  • Supported languages

Support English, Japanese , Spanish, Arabic and other more than 20  languages

  • Bulk update

Support batch processing module and update 10,000 pcs ESL label  in one hours.

  • Custom template

Can use pre-defined ESLs template to bind the newly use target ESLs.

  • Light reminder

Provide LED blinking functions for function reminding or device searching purposes.

  • Easy to connect

Before start system usage, install the Hipoink software system in your server via cloud or by local deployment, then build connection among the Hipoink software and base station.

  • Easy base station set up

Easy base station setup, and only needed in the very beginning for base station binding with target ESLs, base station can search the bind ESLs automatically within base station cover area.

  • Synchronization Update

Hipoink provides a standard API interface port, which can be used for ERP or Sales/Inventory system connection, and also available for Hipoink system upgrade while ESL price update simultaneously.


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