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Black&White electronic display screens

Electronic Paper Display

  • Why apply e-paper on keyboard?

    • Provide no-battery solution
    • Paperwhite screen with no blue light
    • Changable information by mobile
    • Design pattern, format and background Freely
  • Application of electronic paper in the calendar

    • Electronic paper provides greater visibility
    • Electronic paper provides a wider viewing Angle
    • Reduce harmful blue light in your life
    • Convenient automatic update system
    • Paperwhite screen calendar brings you ritual sense of life

EPD module

* Electronic Paper screen with better display effect

* Rich content, low power consumption electronic paper display

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Smart Door Bell

The application of message screen in electronic products

***Different screen sizes can be customized***

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Electronic paper information display

Frequently changed information screens are used in hospitals, warehouses, libraries, exhibition halls...

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