Specialized in various electronic paper display screen

About Hipoink

Three Key Product Lines

  • Electronic display units

    Currently there are classic black and white models, black and white and red models EPD module
    Standard parts include: 0.9/1.54/1.9/2.0/2.13/2.2/2.66/2.9/3.5/3.52/3.7/

    4.2/4.3/5.83/6.0/7.5/8/10.3/10.96 inch
    Special sizes available on request

  • Total System Solution

    Including 8 major solutions: electronic price tag, warehousing, paperless factory, paperless office, paperless file management, battery-free display, smart medical, smart bus

  • Terminal products

    Including electronic price tag, electronic reader, electronic doorbell, electronic table sign, no power supply display card, learning machine, display sign, temperature and humidity meter

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Best selling of Hipoink

Price Tags (Black, White, Red)

Our electronic price tag system:Provide large range of chain store price storage... 

E Conference Table Cards

eTeam Supporters

Table Card (Bluetooth), Always E-badge (NFC, no battery). 

  • Language Learning Device

    Remember words

    Learning Spoken English

    Portable, learning anytime and anywhere

  • No Battery E-Paper ID Card

    No battery

    Convenient Android system NFC transmission

    One/ more bind with the only mobile phone

  • Health Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Free switch at ℃/℉

    Updated every 10 seconds

    Tumbler design

    mini can be suspended with lanyard

    Commonly used in greenhouse

  • Hygrothermograph

    Any kind of wall available

    Detachable magnetic absorption tape

    Possess desktop holder

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Technology & Innovation

◆ SID has applied for 58 patents and intellectual property rights. Including 21 invention patents,
2 international patents, 11 appearance patents, 12 software copyrights, and 12 trademarks.
◆ SID has developed HiPo hermohygrometer and HiPoink multifunction display series
products.The world's first low-power smart doorbell camera with electronic paper display,the
fourth generation 7.5in two-side separable EPD table card and other new products.

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