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Hipo Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

Hipo Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

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◼ use electronic paper ink screen, visual range than ordinary LCD screen

Long, low power consumption, eye protection.

◼ can stand can hang can magnetic suction, venue for a variety of applications

◼ egg-shaped design symbol of care for life

◼ with independent design patents, concise and elegant

◼ have blue, white, powder a variety of appearance, meet the demand of different people

Introduction and characteristics of Health treasure hygrometer

◼ sensor with high precision, real-time detection of the surrounding temperature and humidity

◼ choose environmental protection material, ABS + PMMA not cause physical damage

◼ design without edges, there won't be bruised, cut accidents

◼ long life, low power consumption using CR2032 button battery, can continue

Sail about a year, durable

◼ passed CE and ROHS certification, product quality assurance

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