Introduction of Hipoink

SID-the plant of Hipoink

Possessed 10,000㎡ office management, production, research and development, storage space.

In December 2022, SID possessed 378 employees.

Main Products
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Company of Hipoik

Possess whole floor business office area of CBD office building. Possessed rounded organization structure of office staff system, including office area, conference room, exhibition hall and other areas covering an area of 500㎡.

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About Hipoink

SID core team has more than 15 years of rich experience in display field, including company operation management, process research and development, manufacturing and sales marketing. We also have unique color electronic paper production technology, including driver, display and touch control devices and related terminal applications, with flexible display and touch panel bonding design and development capabilities.

About SID Workshop

PDA module:7 Production lines | TFT module : 4 Production lines

Capacity & Future Capacity Forecast

EPD Capacity

We are a fast growing company. With the support of equipment and core technology, the subsidiary factories are expected to expand sales channels and have a significant increase in output in the next few years

Team & Cooperative Partner

◆ SID currently has about 400 employees included 35 R&D employees
◆ Core team members have more than 15 years of experience in Management, R&D, Process Technology, quipment , Plant construction, Market development and Sales experience.
◆ We have rich industry development and design experience in display devices, touch control devices and terminal applications, and rich development experience in standardized and customized products.
◆ With unique color electronic paper production technology, we are capable of developing and designing electronic paper-driven backplanes, module drivers, hard and flexible screens, touch-control products bonding and terminal products.
◆ With abundant project development and design experience with global famous customer, familiar with national product standards, industry standards and international standards;
◆ With past experience, we are familiar with industry standards and international standards, and have a wealth of practical experience in design and development. In-depth cooperation with customers in the fields of mobile phones, industrial control, automotive, wearable products, etc.

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