Smart Office Solution

Aiming at the problems of fragmentation of multiple office equipment, out-of-sync information, and difficulties in collaborative office in the online-offline combined office mode, SID has created a smart office solution. In this solution, the IoT devices in the office scene will The entire workplace becomes a digital workspace. Through local or remote device terminals with IoT functions to interact, employees can easily check the status of office facilities online, and book meeting rooms, workstations, storage cabinets and other facilities with one click to achieve efficient collaboration.



As an important carrier of information interaction in the office process, SID electronic price tags are organically combined with software technologies such as applications, systems, and clouds of partners to make smart office scenes visible and checkable, and truly create an intelligent office with ecological integration and unbounded information experience.

Support private cloud and public cloud deployment;

Support the centralized and unified management of the headquarters;

Support horizontal expansion and load balancing;

Support fusion base station; can choose fusion base station solution;

Low-cost system management