Smart Factory Solution

Aiming at problems such as out-of-sync information and untimely data feedback during the production process,SID has created a smart factory solution in which the Internet of Things.The equipment turns the traditional workshop into a digital production workshop, through local or remote tools. Interacting with devices and terminals with Internet of Things functions, production line staff can real-time acquisition of production tasks, process parameters and other production data to achieve efficient collaboration.

As an important carrier of information interaction in the production process, SID electronic price tags,Organically combine with partners' application, system, cloud and other software technologies, let the intelligent manufacturing scene be visualized and checked, and truly create ecological integration and unbounded information intelligent workshop experience.


With wireless transmission technology, it can greatly reduce the work pressure of production line personnel, continuously reduce costs and save time, and bring about an upgrade in production management; The cost of paper generated in the intermediate process is greatly reduced, and the fast data refresh efficiency also greatly reduces the cost of efficiency; Through the integration with the production management system, the data can be directly sent to the production line staff automatically to prevent human errors in the middle process; Create a green and energy-saving production environment, further promote paperless production, reduce energy consumption, and effectively avoid resource waste.

Support private cloud and public cloud deployment;

Support the centralized and unified management of the headquarters;

Support horizontal expansion and load balancing;

Support fusion base station; can choose fusion base station solution;

Low-cost system management