Five Most Exciting Open Source Crowd Funding projects

Five Most Exciting Open Source Crowd Funding projects

Five Most Exciting Open Source Crowd Funding projects

Aeroh One  Hackable IR remote to add internet automation (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, IFTTT, iOS, Android) to remote-controlled devices

Aeroh One is a hackable IR remote board that can turn any remote-controlled device into an internet-connected one. Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, an iOS/Android app, and IFTTT connection will all be supported. Aeroh One is compatible with the vast majority of infrared remote controls.

Aeroh One has a compact footprint, making it simple to attach on top of your equipment’s infrared remote receiver. Furthermore, we will have a variety of mounting alternatives that you may order or 3D models that you can download and print for free.

HiPo — A small, open source e-paper display that is updated and powered wirelessly via NFC

HiPo is a 3.52-inch electronic paper display module the size of a business card. Content is uploaded via NFC though a handy app.There are no batteries necessary. By modifying the code, the development board may compile various display routines.

Text or images are transferred to the e-paper display using NFC. Furthermore, HiPo does not require batteries because it is powered by the same NFC that is used for transmission. Because electronic ink technology does not require an integrated battery, it may be exhibited on a screen virtually indefinitely. HiPo can be used as a badge, label, daily sticky note, or any other creative application you can think of.

Loko — Tiny, durable, open source, long-range LoRa GPS tracker

Loko is a battery-powered GPS tracker that is open source. It’s a small, simple, and practical gadget that uses LoRa radio to communicate navigation data to its receiver. There are no recurring costs, unlike similar technology. Loko is based on radio transmission and does not require a monthly charge or a SIM card. It also works in areas where 2G, 3G, or LTE service is not available.

Loko was created with Ultra Low Power usage in mind, and can run for 30+ days on a single charge thanks to the tiny coin cell battery integrated within the device. The transmitter weighs only 12 grams, so it doesn’t contribute much to the weight of important items like tiny drones. Loko is water-resistant, rustproof, and long-lasting, making it ideal for severe environments and accidents. Loko also has the ability to send navigational data.

Halo TD-XPAH — The first open source 802.11ah scalable long range Wi-Fi development platform for engineers and experimenters

The Halo TD-XPAH is an open source hardware and software development platform for long-range wireless communications. Engineers, innovators, and experimenters can use the platform to construct novel ways to access remote data and sensors, as well as control remote sites and systems. To enable long-range TCP/IP connection over USB, you can use either the standalone SDK or the open source Linux drivers.

Hamster Mix — Portable, open source Bluetooth MIDI controller featuring Arduino and an ESP32

Hamster Mix is a portable MIDI controller powered by Arduino that connects via MIDI over Bluetooth.It lets you control effects and play MIDI notes in a range of 5 octaves. Our small controller, which is about the size of a hamster, has twelve keys and the capacity to switch up and down across octaves, making it easy to operate a complete keyboard piano’s worth of notes. Through Bluetooth, Hamster Mix connects to Mac, PC, iPad, and even mobile phones. You can use Ableton, Garage Band, FL Studio, Reaper, and other MIDI-enabled music programs to control them. You may create your own bespoke effects with two additional buttons and two potentiometers. Instead of a keyboard, the buttons can be used as a Bluetooth track launcher.

You can control phone apps with MIDI support such as GarageBand, FL Studio Mobile, Reason Compact, Audiokit Synth One, Moog apps, and more. Use Hamster Mix to make music on the go with a device that fits in your pocket, meaning no wires and no bulky equipment.

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