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RGB pseudo glow Nixie tube clock DIY kit

RGB pseudo glow Nixie tube clock DIY kit

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Our original intention:
This clock is designed according to the glow tube. Because the number of glow tubes on the market is getting less and less, the price is relatively expensive, the service life is not long, and the internal high voltage has safety hazards. We have designed this LED. The pseudo-glow tube clock, although it can not replace the retro glow tube, but with low price, safe use, simple operation, it is worth buying a device.
You can customize the color you like, with 16 million colors to control, you can even define the color of each bit. We also designed five display modes for it, and the recharge is only between the fingers.
You can adjust the time/color/brightness with the buttons. You can also use your computer software to synchronize your time.
This is an RGB clock kit that needs to be assembled by itself. It seems to be simple in structure. It actually needs about 200+ parts, but the assembly is not difficult, because tearing off the protective film will take up most of your time. It is very Creative DIY gifts. The time only needs to be saved once. There is a battery on the motherboard to record the time. After saving, it can be plugged into any USB port. 
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