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Retro Charger Dock Compact Stand

Retro Charger Dock Compact Stand

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Retro Charger Dock Compact Stand For Apple Watch Series 1/2 38mm 42mm Charging Docking Desktop Holder New

Premium TPU Compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode
Stand for the Apple Watch is made entirely of scratch-free TPU for minimal aesthetics packed with smart functionality.
It features a bottom lip that cradles your watch on its side for stability that prevents your watch from swaying side to side.
An exact charger cutout offers form-fitting precision that keeps things simple and easy to use.
Open dock structure allows easy usability with the Apple Watch and its charger
Easily place and charge your watch with the strap open or closed
Package included:
1*Watch Stand ( Charging Cable & Watch Case & Watch NOT INCLUDED )

W1A42z (1)W1A42 (4)W1A42 (7)W1A42 (6)W1A42 (2)W1A42 (3)

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